Workout Clothes

Exercise during pregnancy increases lung capacity, improves circulation, and eases back pain from added weight. Regular exercise helps prepare the body for labor and delivery, and enables to restore form quickly after childbirth. This brings in the need for a special line of maternity workout clothes.

Maternity workout clothing should be cool and non-restrictive, and they should also firmly support the growing stomach and breasts, and over-strained backs and legs bearing the increased weight. Women experience a change in breast size during and post pregnancy. A comfortable bra is designed to offer choices for low, mid and high impact activities. Having the right amount of support makes an enormous difference in comfort level while working out, regardless of what activities are chosen. While exercising, shoulder straps often dig in and chafe skin. Sports Bra is designed to ease shoulder pressure and minimize the discomfort of strap dig-in, the extra soft cushioned straps relieve shoulder pressure.

It is important to consider certain factors before buying workout clothing. Climate is of prime importance. In cooler climates, long sleeves, leggings and a light jacket would be ideal. In warmer climates, short leotards, or bike shorts would suffice. The kind of exercise chosen is also vital in deciding appropriate clothing. For a low impact exercise like yoga, a jog bra would be just right. However, for a higher impact exercise, more supportive clothing is essential. The type of fabric is equally important. Blends that are absorbent and stretchy are preferred.

Women have a wide selection of maternity workout clothes, from tights, maternity shirts, maternity running wear, maternity leotards and maternity padded bike shorts. There is also special line of maternity tennis wear, so that this activity is not hampered due to pregnancy.


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