Pajamas & Robes

Women sleepwear needs varies according to age, health, menopause, and special conditions like pregnancy. Using a fabric known for its wicking property to make pajamas and pajama & robes maternity sleepwear helps to cool those hot, sticky nights and to promote better sleep. Wicking the sweat away from the skin, the pajamas can cool the hot flashes and dry the night sweats.

The wet skin drys faster covered with the wicking fabric than it drys uncovered. That is possible due to the spread of the sweat onto multiple fibers to evaporate. Wicking pajamas are very light weight and do not hold onto water as cotton does.

With pregnancy one will feel warmer with the increase in metabolism and sleep can be more difficult. By using maternity sleepwear made of CoolBalanceTM fabric the balance between heat and coolness will be better managed. The dry comfort improves sleeping. The smoothness of the fabric, as compared to cotton, will make it easier to move in the bed.

With cancer treatments involving chemotherapy women may have sweats and problems sleeping. Some relief may be found with wicking sleepwear.

Wicking J makes pajamas sets (Peyton and Colleen) and short sets (Christy) as well as gowns (Dee-Dee and Morgan) to wick away sweat and to dry the body.

Cool SetsTM make pajamas, gowns, pajama & robes sleep shirts, sets, maternity sleepwear, and plus sizes. They are made to look good and to sleep dry.

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