External Features

Both the Chapion and the GreenStar are well-built. Both are equipped with heavy 3-prong power cords and both have feet on the bottom of the unit. The GreenStar has a compartment for the power cord to be tucked away when the unit is not in use or being stored.

Both units have a heavy motor and are quiet in their operation. In my experience, the GreenStar is just slightly quieter than the Champion. The GreenStar also has a reversing switch for the motor, whereas the Champion has a simple on/off switch.

The GreenStar has a handle on top of the unit, which makes it much easier to lift and move around. The Champion comes in four colors (black, almond, white, grey), whereas the GreenStar comes only in white. The Champion’s plastic parts are not quite as heavy as the GreenStar’s, however, the Champion 2000 has a 10-year warranty, while the GreenStar has a 5-year warranty.

In my opinion, the GreenStar has a slight edge in this category.


When assembling the Champion, there are 5 parts that attach to the motor housing: the cowling, the screen, the masticating gear, the exit spout, and the intake funnel. The Champion also has a plastic food plunger. Assembly simply requires placing the screen onto the bottom of the cowling unit, then sliding the exit spout over top of the screen to hold it in place. Once the cowling pieces are put together, the single gear is placed onto the spindle that protrudes from the motor housing, and then the cowling is placed over top of the single gear and locked into place by a slight turn. The intake funnel is then placed on top of the intake tube that is part of the cowling.

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