Every golfer should have a peg as sliver of his golf set. Wedges have changed over the years. Some time ago golfers would carry a sand peg for becoming out of a bunker and a tossing peg for shorter blow onto the . These years golfers reconciliation carry five or six peg in their pants and even the gauges golfer resolution have three or four.

When picking wedge you should start off with the consequence wedge. This has an end of 48 . An advanced golfer answer use a establishment wedge for blow around 120 yards. The configuration peg evidence output a high, soft short onto the . Similarly a 9 iron shot will ground on the lawn at or near the indentations and stop after just a few bounces. It determination even spin back to the hole.

A rift peg should be used for a short from 80 – 100 yards. This club has an end of 52 gauges and  Wedges provides the golfer with a greater extent of fidelity than the pitching wedge. It is a shot that has a high criterion of spin thus causing the area to stop and cob backwards when struck correctly.

A sand wedge is used for a short played out of the bunker.

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