Pillow-head slippers Fun For the Kids

Pillow-head  are a novelty slipper that descendants are sure to enjoy. They come in a concoction of furrythat are entertainment and are an supplements in the popular Pillow-head brand. There are many adorable designs, six brute shapes in total to choose from. Parents or even the youngster if they are allowed to choose tins pickax from a cow, puppy, sheep, duck, pig, or even a bunny slipper.

These Pillow-head slippers come in a variety of colors. The cow design comes in white and black. The puppy design of these cute slippers comes in white and brightening brown while the sheep comes in white. The duck design of the slippers comes in yellow and orange and the formatting of the pig slippers comes in pink. Lastly, the design of the bunny slippers is a dark brown and white in color.

Pillow-head type a great gift for youngster no concern what time of the year. They could be given on a birthday, Christmas, Easter, or any vacation you hunger to celebrate. The come in sizes three through eight. But the are not only for children, adults may disintegration them as well. The are cheerful and have a certain magnetism and are sure to brighten anyone’s day just by wearing them.

These Pillow-head  are of the non-microwavable variety, so do not test to put them in the microwave or this will ruin them. The cloths that the slippers are made from is extra soft that type it a luxury for the wearer’s feet.

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