Boys Sizes

Kids grow so quickly. Infant boys sizes clothes last only 3 months! As children get older, even then, we have to replace the clothes every year. If the child has a growth spurt, forget it! You’re looking at 6 months. That’s not even counting seasons. Winter clothes, the kids and boys sizes wear 3-6 months, summer 3-6 months, depending on where you live. So, for me to invest a ton of money into something like that, it’s just not in my vocabulary.

But, as you know, I’m a quality girl. I love Children’s Place, Gymboree, GAP, Old Navy. I’m not talking Walmart brands here, no offense, okay a little. I want to make sure my kids clothes last them the 3-6 months they wear them, you know. So, they have to hold up to a rambunctious 5 year old boy and an equally rough girl.

There are three ways I achieve this:

1) I buy all the kids clothes at yard sales, garage sales, off Craigslist, Facebook groups, etc.

This means shoes too. The most I will pay for a pair of shoes, if they are super nice is $2. My max for each clothing item is $1, only if they are brand names and super fabulous. The reason is because I KNOW that after the kids are done wearing them, I can resell them in a large lot for the same price. You see people LOVE to buy at those prices and Craigslist is the perfect place. I take all their clothes of the whole year, 1 size, and sell all together and price them at the same price I purchased them.